Thursday, February 24, 2011

Writing Effective Service Offers

by Debi Neville, Freelance Writer and Time Trader, January 2011

Four basic items need to be addressed in each offering:
1)   identify the problem or need
2)   offer a solution to the problem
3)   explain how YOU can provide the solution
4)   call to action

1) Dream of cinnamon rolls like Mom used to bake?
2) A dozen can be delivered fresh to your door
3) I have 20 years baking experience and a wonderful old fashioned recipe, can be made with whole wheat and fruits if you want to try something a bit new, will deliver same day!
4) This weekend curl up with a good book, a cup of coffee and delicious, warm sweet rolls; call to order today!

Words to use which conjure up emotions, wants, answers, memories, needs, etc. which are more likely to get a response:

Warm                                                     Depend
Organized                                              Memory(ies)
Clean                                                     Creative
Spic-span                                               Unique
At your fingertips                                  Experience
Solution                                                 Fun
Finally                                                    Quality
Friendly help                                          Searching
Desire                                                     Direct
New                                                        Now
Vision                                                   This is the year
Worry free                                           Recycle, reuse
Express yourself                                    Thoughtful
Cross off your to do list                           Dessert
Problem solver                                          Do!

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